• How can I hang a fish on a wall?

    • There is a hook or a hole on the reverse side. It's placed in a manner that the nail cannot be seen when the fish is hung.

     Ceramic fish hole

    Ceramic fish reverse hook

    Ceramic fish wire hook

    Ceramic fish iron hook

            • Can I choose the face direction of the fish?

            • Each species of fish can only facing right or left, depending on the model.

            • Is there a way to hang a ceramic fish on a tiled wall without using nails?

            • You could use a silicone adhesive glue. In the photo below you can see a very large installation, where the fish are hung without using nails. Depending on the type of surface, I suggest you to ask your local hardware store.

             Ceramic fish wall



            • How can I hang sardines or anchovies like in the picture below? Or what can I do if they seems to be slightly uneven when hung?

            • I suggest you to add one or two drops of white carpenter's glue in the small hole on the back side, then hang the fish, hold it for 20-30 seconds before letting go, so the glue can dry out. It shouldn't move now. With this type of glue it is however possible to remove the fish from the wall without causing damage.

             Fish wall composition


              • Where do you ship? And what can I do if I live in a country that doesn't appear on the checkout page?

              • We usually ship to: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Netherland, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Spain. For Canary Island please contact us.

              • In case your country does not appear in the list above, please send us an e-mail listing the fish catalog number you want, your country and your postal code. As soon as possible, we will send you an email with a quotation of the shipping costs.


              • What can I do in case a ceramic fish arrive broken? 

              • We guarantee the safest possible packaging, which has allowed us to reduce breakages to almost zero. In any case, if this should be happen, please contact us as soon as possible. We will get in touch with you to find a solution that is suitable for both. For more information see the paragraph "Damages and Issues" on the "Return and Refund Policy" page.